Photography by Dorian Douma

I've been an amateur photographer on and off since high school. I've also done some commercial advertising photography, and that work is elsewhere. The pieces on here are artistic.

So here is a very incomplete selection of my photography, and some words about it at the end


If you're curious about these or other photos, I'm available for questions about them at

I'm not sure what I want to do with them besides sharing. Here's my intellectual property statement:

I don't mind people making prints, but I would mind them selling prints without an arrangement with me. I don't mind them being shared in whatever way with no name attached, as long as somebody else isn't credited as their creator. I don't mind somebody using these as part of some other art piece, commercial or otherwise, even without a visible accreditation to me, as long as nobody's lying about where it came from, and as long as their use doesn't approach my first stipulation. I don't mind these being attributed to me, unless the attribution makes claims that go beyond the last stipulation, that: I claim authorship over these, but that doesn't mean I have any intellectual or physical property rights over the material which was photographed, nor does it mean that any of the material was or was not necessarily arranged by me. Intellectual property details vary by piece within this collection.